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Collections Questionnaire

Please note due to legislation and compliance procedures, collections cannot begin unless we are in receipt of the completed form prior to the agreed time* and date of the collection. Completion of this form confirms that you have the authority to do so and require ERecycler to be your Waste Management and Asset disposal Company and to provide information to the Environment Agency, or other legal parties on your behalf.

Full Name (Required)

Name of Organisation (Required)

Business Address & Postcode (Required)

Email Address (Required)

Telephone Number (Required)

Please indicate how many items you have for recycling

PC Base Units/Servers (Please state if rack mounted or in cabinets)


CRT/TFT Monitors

Printers/Scanners/Fax Machines

Office furniture items (Chairs, Desks, Cabinets, whiteboards etc)

Communications Equipment (Phones Systems, Mobiles, switches etc)

Battery Powered Items Including UPS

Networking Equipment (Racks, Cables, hubs, Switches etc)


AV Equipment (Projectors, Audio Equipment)

Any other Electronic Devices

Other additional items please list here: (Keyboards, Mice, cables, peripheral items etc)

Type of Audit Required?

Boxed Items Count £1.00

Driver Serial Number £2.00

We can supply a chargeable, more detailed, product, serial number, model number and comprehensive inventory sheet for your asset control…would you prefer to be sent the additional spreadsheet?

Do you require CESG Approved, Tabernus, Secure Data Wiping of Hard Drives? Please call us if you require “high security” data control.

If the items are not on the ground level, do you have a lift or are you able to provide assistance to the driver? (Please note by providing loading assistance to the driver allows us to keep the cost of recycling to you at a minimum, see notes)

Please reconfirm the Collection Address inc Postcode and Phone No, and which road the driver should use to access the loading area?

Are there any Parking, Height or Loading Restrictions in force and if so, please provide details.

Please indicate your Opening Hours. Please indicate specific times that are not convenient for collections such as Lunch times and early closing times.

Do you have a Secondary Contact or number (e.g. Mobile Phone number)? Please add Email Address

Provide your Environment Agency Premises Code and Expiry Date. Premises code will be required for hazardous items

Do you have any Special Instructions (Please list)? Are there any driver identification requirements etc.

Please confirm that you are the legal owner of equipment on this list and/or that you have the right to sign and agree disposal of your company’s assets.

Your data is safe and will not be passed on to any 3rd parties.
We hold a current Data Protection Licence and abide by the regulations of the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998

This form must be completed by a responsible person. Our trading terms are payment in advance for new customers, account customers within 14 days, unless by prior agreement in writing.

Equipment: The examples listed above are just some of the items collected, if you have any equipment not listed above and not sure if they can be collected for recycling please do not hesitate to contact us.

Collections & Charges: If equipment cannot be collected at the designated time or date agreed or the arrangements have changed, please inform us as soon as possible so we can re-schedule the collection, failure to inform us can result in additional charges being applied. Dedicated collections can incur additional charges