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Secure Data Erasure

Asset Disposal and Secure Data Management

E-Recycler uses Tabernus Data Erase Software, to ensure your legal requirements under the “Data Protection Act 1998”. We can erase all trace of personal and data sensitive information from PC’s and portable storage media......... The whole package is designed for you, our customer, to offer “TOTAL PEACE OF MIND”. Currently a Data Breach could cost up to £500,000.00 PER BREACH!!!
An electronic (pdf) auditable report is produced for each successful secure hard disc erasure. The report includes ALL hard disc details (size, serial number, make, etc)
We welcome arranged duty of care visits to observe the process in operation.
Tabernus is approved to M.O.D. and N.A.T.O. specification CESG v5.3
NAID-Europe is a standing committee of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), an international association of companies offering data destruction services, uniting to promote the secure disposition of discarded information by emphasizing the highest standards and ethics.
By securely destroying all types of discarded media, including paper, film, computer hard drives and other electronic devises, in a highly efficient and environmentally responsible manner, NAID-Europe members assist all types of organisations fulfill their legal obligation to prevent unauthorised access to discarded personal and competitive information.

Secure Paper Shredding

We use the Intimus 502 HS Office Shredder for secure paper documents...to Security Level 5

The high security 502HS shredder is great for small departments and multiple users. It offers uncompromising data protection for large office throughput. The cutters are made of hardened steel and shreds to security level 5 for top secret documents.

Secure Data Protection - Mobile Phones

E-Recycler is the 1st Welsh company (and currently still the only Welsh company) to launch and use a secure data erasing service for mobile smart phones.
The service will wipe ALL personal data from smart phones such as Android, Blackberry and iPhones.
Not only will it erase all personal data, but it restores the phones operating system to the latest version.
This provides the owner with a perfectly re-usable, re-saleable mobile phone, protected from any chance of fraud or data breach.
Purely restoring mobile phones back to “Factory Settings”, does not erase personal data, thus selling or giving away your old phone could leave you fully exposed to having your personal data accessed and possible abuse.
Key Features:
  • Support for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone mobile phones.
  • Easy to use, efficient, automated wipe operation process.
  • Full audit trail with auto-generated reports.
  • User friendly and intuitive interfaces with on screen operator guide.
  • Hardware solutions for high volume production.

Mobile Phone Compatibility:
  • Android : v1.5 or later
  • iPhone: iOS v1.0-6.0
  • BlackBerry: OS 4.3 or later
For a sample list of compatible mobile phones please call us on: 01633 294000

DataWipe Process Steps:
  • STEP 1 – RESTORE. Restore the mobile phone to factory condition.
  • STEP 2 – ERASE. Load DataWipe application and overwrite desired number of passes*.
  • STEP 3 – REPORT. Remove DataWipe application, restore the phone to factory condition again, and generate report.
*iPhone process differs slightly from above. The iPhone has additional capabilities in its iOS for wiping and reflashing to latest iOS. 

  • Operator PC. Windows PC or laptop.
  • Software. Tabernus 
    • Installation package includes device drivers from all major mobile phone OEMs.
  • Hardware
    • USB connections and USBs hubs for Android and Blackberry.
    • iPhone Interface Unit* for iPhone. Allows multiple iPhone connection.
  • Tabernus Login
*iPhone Interface Unit – a specialized hardware interface unit between the Operator PC and iPhone enabling multiple iPhone processing. 
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