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Fridge Freezer Recycling and Old Fridge Collection

Fridge freezer disposal and the recycling of white goods combined with the collection of all fridges and fridge freezers is a specialism of our commercial recycling team.

Recycling fridges, freezers and Air conditioning units 

The disposal of fridges, freezers and air conditioning units is part of the WEEE directive. Along with fluorescent tube recyclingbattery recycling, and TV recycling, we provide this service. Old fridge collection may be free to collect under certain circumstances. Recycling white goods and white goods disposal combined with fridge freezer recycling is part of our seamless commercial recycling business.
As a business or domestic user we all have obligations to meet, therefore it is important that you understand what you should do with your electrical goods.

Individuals and domestic users

We are a registered (Designated Collection Facility) therefore we can accept items bought into the depot, or of course you can use your local authority Civic Amenity Site who should provide a fridge and freezer disposal scheme in your area.

Business users

We can arrange fridge freezer collection from your site at a convenient time. E-Recycler provide a fully auditable commercial collection solution to ensure that your targets are met as easily as possible.
Please note that fridge and freezer disposal is generally a chargeable service for businesses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
E-Recycler has a chain of strategic partners which means that we can recycle your fridges, freezers, chillers, display cabinets, cold room panels and air conditioning equipment.
Equipment contaminated with refrigerants, oils or containing ozone depleting CFC’s will be classed as Hazardous Waste and require treatment in accordance with Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.
E-Recycler bulk up these old fridges and fridge freezers before taking them directly to an approved treatment facility where they are dismantled, hazardous components separated and treated accordingly, and the remaining material recycled.
We can handle all wastes arranging for the necessary paperwork, personnel, plant and transport. Contact us to see how E-Recycler can take care of this for you.